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Puka Uli Lagoon

Puka Uli Lagoon™

This relaxing leisure pool features playful elements that even the tiniest Waturi can enjoy, like tropical bongo drums and spraying jets of water. Set beside the splash pool for the Ohyah & Ohno Body Slides™, you’ll have a great view of all the fun as riders splash down from above.


Puka Uli Lagoon Ride History

Puka Uli Lagoon opened in May 2017


Puka Uli Lagoon Ride Description


Puka Uli Lagoon is a pool


Puka Uli Lagoon Ride Location



Puka Uli Lagoon Ride Requirements

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There is no minimum height requirements for Puka Uli Lagoon

Puka Uli Lagoon Disability access


Puka Uli Lagoon Ride Vehicle

Puka Uli Lagoon Ride Tips



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