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Punga Racers

Full Speed Ahead

A favorite among Waturi children, Punga Racers™ send single riders on their manta ray mats sliding down four lanes through underwater sea caves. Among Waturi children, one of the best loved legendary heroes is Punga, the playful son of Tangaroa, god of the sea and Mahuika, goddess of fire. And to this day, the first racer to cross the finish line receives a celebratory spray of water, a special salute from Punga himself.


Punga Racers Ride History

Punga Racers opened in Volcano Bay Water Park in May 2017


Punga Racers Ride Description


Punga Racers is a water ride


Punga Racers Ride Location


Location of Punga Racers ride at Volcano Bay Water Park in Orlando, Florida


Punga Racers Ride Requirements

Minimum height requirement icon

Punga Racers has a minimum height requirement of 42 Inches.

Riders under 48 inches must be accompanied by a supervising companion.


Punga Racers Disability access


Punga Racers Ride Vehicle

Punga Racers Ride Tips



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