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Floribobs tipping guide for Florida




 One of the most hottly discussed issues on message boards and forums for people visiting Orlando, Florida on their holidays is how much should people tip for different services.

The United States works differently to the United Kingdom in that service staff such as waiters and waitresses are paid a very low basic wage and rely on tips for their income.

So to answer the age old question of How Much Shoud I tip? bring you our Florida tipping guide:


$1 to $5 per round of drinks depending on the number of drinks.


$1 to $5 per bag depending on the level of hotel.

Hotel Concierge

$5 or more depending on if he or she provides a service for you.

Hotel Doorman

$1 to $2 if he or she gets a cab for you.

Hotel Maid

$1 to $3 per day paid either daily or at the end of your stay - we would reccomend daily as the maid may change on the day of your departure.

Hotel Room Service / Waiter

$1 to $2 per delivery - even if a service charge has been added.

Porter at Airport or Train Station

$1 per bag

SkyCap at Airport

$1 to $3 per bag checked


15 - 20 % of the fare but round up the fare to the nearest dollar.

Tour Guide

10% of the cost of the tour.

Vallet Parking Attendant

$1 to $2 but only when you get your car.


15 to 20 % - with %20 being the norm at higher end restaurants.

Restroom Attendants

$1 or small change in higher end restaurants.

Coat-Check personnel

$1 to $2 per coat checked unless their is a fee, then nothing.




























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