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Planning your Orlando Holiday




 We will begin with the good news, so you took the plunge, you booked your fantastic, Once in a lifetime (YEAH RIGHT), Florida hoiday and you want to see it all and do it all during your dream 14 nights away. Its been an expense, its maybe been a struggle, You've driven friends, colleagues and family mad talking about it.

 But its all going to be so woth it as you fulfil that lifetime dream of visiting:

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom and seeing Cinderella's castle,

and Walt Disney World's Epcot and walking around the World Showcase,

and Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios and being one of the first to see Star Wars Land,

and Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom and riding the amazing Flights of Passage Avatar ride,

and Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon and going on Crush n Gusher,

and Walt Disney World's Blizzard Beach and enjoying a trip around the lazy river,

and Universal Studios and having a shot on Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ride,

and Universal Islands of Adventure and riding on Harry Potter and the forbidden journey,

and visiting Volcano Bay and bombing down krakata aqua coaster,

and SeaWorld Orlando and riding the amazing manta rollercoaster,

and Aquatica and riding the awesome dolphin plunge,

and spending a day at Discovery Cove swimming with the dolphins,

and traveling to Tampa to visit Busch Gardens and riding the brand new Tigris rollercoaster,

and visiting Adventure Island and riding the Water Mochasin water slide,

and visiting LegoLand Florida at Winter Haven and riding the LEGO Ninjago ride,

and visiting LegoLand Florida's water park,

and visiting NASA's Kennedy Space Center at cape canaveral and possibly seeing a rocket launch,

and then realising you flew home 3 days ago.

Now the bad news - Its not going to happen, your not going to manage it all in one trip - the sooner you realise that you've fallen into the Orlando Trap the better. The sooner you realise that the biggest fantasy in Orlando is the "Once in a lifetime" illusion the better your life will become. You will want to return again and again.

Now that we've spoken about the Dumbo in the room lets move on. A florida holiday should be exactly that - a holiday. Try to fit in as much as possible but be sensible take a break every couple of days and do something a little more relaxing like pool days or shopping days.

So let Floribobs show you our ideal first timer Plan.


Pre Travel Day

Pack the car and head off to your Airport hotel for your pre holiday treat. This allows you to start your holiday early and get the excitement under way and also removing any stress of getting to Airport on time.

Travel Day - Night 1

 US Flights require you to be at the Airport 3 hours prior to departure, get to the airport on time, drop off your cases and try to relax and unwind before your 9 hour trip over the Atlantic.

You are likley to be too tired to do much once you arrive in the US so dont plan on doing anything other than getting to your Hotel and grabbing an evening meal.

Day 1 - Night 2

First full day and regardless of what day of the week it is the draw of Mickey Mouse and Cinderella's castle is likley to be too much so we would recommend Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom Theme Park.

If you are a Walt Disney World Resort guest you will be able to book 3 fast passes at the 60 day mark, we would suggest looking at Seven Dwarfs minetrain as the main fastpass to ai for.

Day 2 - Night 3

Second full day, Having getting a taste of what's to come regarding walking distances etc we would recommend a day at SeaWorld Orlando, SeaWorld Orlando has some superb rides - Arguably some of the best Rollercoasters in the World and some brilliant shows. It's a slightly easier day due to number of shows which are seated.

Whilst at SeaWorld Orlando would recommend Manta as a must do ride.

Day 3 - Night 4

Third full day and after a hectic 3 days of traveling, Character cuddling rollercoaster riding we suggest a more relaxed day so maybe look at visiting Walt Disney World's Typhoon Lagoon during the day and an evening at Disney Springs in the evening.

Day 4 - Night 5

Fourth Day having had a more chillaxing day yesterday we would recommend heading back int the thick of the action and spending a day at Universal's Islands of Adventure.

Whilst at Universal's Islands of Adventure we would strongly recommend the Harry Potter and the Forbiden Journey ride as a must do.

Day 5 - Night 6

For your 5th day we would suggest Universal Studios Theme Park.

Whilst at Universal Studios Theme Park we would recommend the Harry Potter and the escape from Gringotts ride as a must do.

Day 6 - Night 7

For your 6th day we would recommend a day at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios Theme Park.

Whilst at Hollywood Studios Floribobs would recommend Tower of Terror as a must do ride and fastpass.

Day 7 - Night 8

After 3 days of theme parks we would suggest another relaxing day by visiting SeaWorld's Aquatica water park during the morning and early afternoon, then visiting Orlando Premium Outlet Malls at Vineland in the late afternoon, eveing for some retail therapy.

Day 8 - Night 9

Day 8 and time to get back in the saddle, we would recommend a visit to Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park.

Whilst visiting Walt Disney World's Epcot we would recommend Test Track as the must do ride and fastpass.

Day 9 - Night 10

Day 9 and Floribobs would recommend a day at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom Theme Park.

Whilst visiting Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom Theme Park Floribobs would recommend tou try the Avatar Flights of Passage ride as a must do and your number 1 fastpass selection.

Day 10 - Night 11

Day 10 and would recommend a day at LegoLand Florida in Winter Haven.

whilst at LegoLand Florida we would recommend the Lego Ninjago ride as the must do ride.

Day 11 - Night 12

Day 11 and would recommend a day at Walt Disney World's Blizzard Beach Water Park and an late afternoon, evening at The Florida Mall.

Day 12 - Night 13

Day 13 - How about a day away? woud recommend a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa.

Whilst at Busch Gardens in Tampa would recommend trying the new Tigris rollercoaster as the must do ride.

Day 13 - Night 14

Day 14 - the last day One last chance to revisit one of your favourites before heading home tomorrow.

Day 14 - Travel Day

Day 14 and its the end (for this trip) - time to head home. Make sure you get to athe Airport with 3 hours to spare.

Floribobs tip - If your flying home from Orlando International Airport - There's way more to do before security rather than after security.

Day 15 - Day of arrival home

Get home safe and sound and get some sleep.

Day 16 - Start booking your next Floribob

Have a great Floribob  




























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